Thursday, May 16, 2013

Craig Week 7


Starting this week off on Wednesday because I didn't get back from Nevada till Tuesday night. So, today Josh got to try out a basketball chair. Him and Joe tried them out and he went over the different rules of wheelchair basketball. Then Joe had me try it out. Me n Josh played a friendly game of pig...which I won!!! :P. The thing with wheelchair bb, you have no push off your legs, it's all upper body. Well, take away your core, and it is even more tough! He'll get it.


Then, Josh had his very first driving lesson! SCARY! Haha! He did great! He got the hang of it really fast and felt really good to be behind the wheel again. He will have a couple of more lessons, then he has to pass a Nevada DMV driving test. Then he will be a driving maniac!

There he goes!!! I'm so proud. :')
Today Johnny flew out here with Ron Lawson, a camera man with Dirt Wheels Magazine. They followed Josh around for a bit, took some footage, did some interviews then took back off again! It is for the up coming ride day at Cahuilla. It'll be awesome to see it all come together:)
Today was a great day! Josh learned how to play wall-ball in wheelchair class. That was fun to watch these guys play together and see the quiet ones be very competitive. Lol! Josh's team won ;)


Joe had Josh try going up stairs without his chair. He had him wear this padded seat and he made it all the way to the top of these 8 stairs! It was way harder than it looked! Joe told Josh that he was only the 2nd person that he knew of, that could do that while at Craig as an inpatient. So that made Josh want to keep going up, just so that he could be the first one who made it all the way to the helipad!!! All about making records here! Lol!
In fit class, they switched it up a bit and tried archery. They all did well and had fun doing it!


Josh met Matt Updike , who is a Olympic paracycling champion, and is known as the Lance Armstrong of "hand" cycling...without the doping part. Haha. He travels all over the world to compete. Matt is helping Josh order and get fitted for his own hand cycle. Watch out Matt! Here comes your competition! ;)


So today was the day that Codey and Nathan started the demolition on our house! They only have 10 days to get it all done before we come home. I'm nervous, but excited! I know they will do an amazing job! Lots of people are helping them out and I am so grateful for that!

Our bedroom...they are hilarious!

Our shower...
Or what's left of it....

Red, Nathan, and Codey putting the shower back together! They are cruising!

The toilet...

which is hanging out in our bedroom...
Codey showing us where the new toilet will be. Lol! He's crazy!
Our awesome friends Charlie, his son David, and Codey working on the toilet room:). It's fun to see updates of our house coming together. It's going to be better than before!

Saturday & Sunday

Wendy and Brandon came up this weekend again to hang out with us. So we made Brandon come help us and deal with dealership people since he loves doing that! We are just looking right now and trying out what kind of vehicle would work the best for our family now. I'm afraid if we go by ourselves, I will be driving it home instead of flying. Haha. It was fun and so glad I didn't have to do it by myself. Now we have an idea of what we want. Then we ate some lunch and went to the movie Star Trek. It was very good. Then we just hung out the rest of the day. That was Josh's first time out and about for that long of a time. He did great! No excuses now;).

Sunday, we went to church then the Butlers headed home. :(. Josh and I just relaxed the rest of the day and enjoyed the beautiful weather while it lasts.

Eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Mmmmm!
Going to church. We did not plan our matching dresses. Haha!
Only one more week till we go home! Ahhhhh! We are so excited, but scared at the same time. So much to do in so little time! Oh we'll, ready or not... At least our house is coming together!
So since this is Josh's last week, they are redoing all the tests and X-rays they did when he first got here. So hopefully everything looks good on his back so he can be brace free!!! Not much movement on his ASIA test though:/. But that doesn't mean anything. We will see in 6 months when we come back for the re-eval.
Joe and Mackenzie doing the full body ASIA test.
In wheelchair class, Josh had to go down a couple of flights of stairs by using only the hand rails. Now, I know he has Chris behind him, but its only for precautionary measure. As they say, it's less paper work if someone gets hurt. Hah! So anyways, Josh is doing this all by himself! Crazy!

Then he had to go across these bumps, again with no help, while keeping a wheelie. They said not many people can do this before they go home :) he conquered it! :)

It's like last chance workout today in fit class. Since they do something different every day for a week, and this is his last week, he is pushing himself extra harder to make this workout his best! We are hoping he will be able to keep up on all these workouts when we get home, at a close-by rehab.

He was just a little animated. Haha!


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