Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter egg hunt in our yard.

The Frederick Family annual Easter egg roll.

Madalynn helping Randon up the STEEP sand hill!


My egg won!

Me and the kids at the parks and rec Easter egg hunt.

Madalynn got the first caterpillar painted on her face.

Family upadate....finally!

OK, I know I'm lame. But I'm writing now so I'll getcha up to speed. First of all, my good excuse is that I am pregnant and have not felt like sitting at the computer at all! Yep, this was our first real attempt and totally shocked that i got pregnant so fast. It usually takes 6mo-1yr. I am so stoked and am ready to be out of my first trimester so I will feel like keeping up on stuff.....and so Josh will quit whinning that I'm always whining. Hee Hee. I am due November 7th. 2 months down, 7 to go!
Josh has been doing realy well racing so far this year. He is ranked #1 in the WORCS series after 3 races. His next race is the first weekend of May. If you want to check out his website, it has links to recaps of the last 3 races and even video footage of him. Its pretty sweet.
Madalynn is doing so well in school. She is so smart and catching on to everything so well. She reads fast and can sound out almost any word. She is always writing us little notes or making us cards to feel better, especially for me since I've been pregnant and always laying around not feeling good. She recently made a chart for her dad to help him stop drinking Monsters and to help him not cheat when he plays memory with us. It was so funny and all her. Needless to say, her dad hasn't been getting very many smiley faces on his chart.
Gavyn is officially potty trained!!! I seriously thought I'd be changing two kid's diapers. He had no desire what so ever, but i decided it was time! It only took two days and one poopy underware and it was done!!! He has not had one accident since. But he did poop on the lawn today. He loves to pee outside and i guess he thought it would be just as exciting to poop outside. The dogs do, why not him? He thinks he is so big now and has to do everything by himself, except go to bed! That is a chore of its own. He is starting to bring on the drama like his sister. It's actually quite humorous. But we love our kids to death and are so excited for the new personality that will be added to our family this year!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day in Marysvale

Gramps and Gavyn (more his style)

We went to Marysvale this last Saturday for a snow day and met the Butlers there. There wasn't much snow, but we made due with what we had, and we had a blast!!! Madalynn was a die hard snow girl. You'd think she never got to play in it. We found a little hill and went up and down it a hundred times! The weather was so nice that wearing coats was too much. We saw tons of deer, since they knew that hunting season was over for a while. It was a quik trip, but very memerable! Here are a few clips. Enjoy!

Gavyn Joshua

Gavyn is 2 years old. He is talking up a storm and we usually we know what he is saying. He loves to play with his dinosours and train set. He plays really well by himself which is a huge help to me. He is learning to share and play nice. Hopefully he won't be the nursery bully for much longer. He has a lot of energy, since he is a boy, but we are learning that 'the less sugar, the better'. He really loves to hang out with dad and is a huge help! Gavyn is a lot of fun and he cracks us up! Josh and I just love being entertained by him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Madalynn Tiffany

Madalynn is 5 yrs old and going to all day kindergarten. She is learning so much and has grown up a lot. At the parent/teacher conference, Mrs. Hauver told me she is one of the smart ones in her class of 28. That is totally what a mother wants to here. She is so creative and her mind is going non stop. I know this by the kinds of questions she asks me. She is so funny and loves to make us laugh. She has lots of friends, but her best friend is still Talley, her cousin. She wishes that she was in her family so she could play with her all the time. Plus she is more into horses then 4-wheelers and Talley has horses.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We just got back from Josh's first race of the year. It was the WORCS Rnd 1 in Phoenis, AZ. The weather was good but the race was awesome! He got the holeshot which is very rare (like the second time in his life). If you want details you can check out our website I try to keep it up to date.