Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day in Marysvale

Gramps and Gavyn (more his style)

We went to Marysvale this last Saturday for a snow day and met the Butlers there. There wasn't much snow, but we made due with what we had, and we had a blast!!! Madalynn was a die hard snow girl. You'd think she never got to play in it. We found a little hill and went up and down it a hundred times! The weather was so nice that wearing coats was too much. We saw tons of deer, since they knew that hunting season was over for a while. It was a quik trip, but very memerable! Here are a few clips. Enjoy!

Gavyn Joshua

Gavyn is 2 years old. He is talking up a storm and we usually we know what he is saying. He loves to play with his dinosours and train set. He plays really well by himself which is a huge help to me. He is learning to share and play nice. Hopefully he won't be the nursery bully for much longer. He has a lot of energy, since he is a boy, but we are learning that 'the less sugar, the better'. He really loves to hang out with dad and is a huge help! Gavyn is a lot of fun and he cracks us up! Josh and I just love being entertained by him.