Sunday, May 5, 2013

Craig Week 5


Josh had some scans done of his insides to make sure they were all working properly. So of course, it messes with his schedule. But he did some different transfers. The couch in our room, a restaurant booth and a handicap accessible toilet. Sorry, no pics of that. Lol!





Just a normal day today. The only excitement was a visit from Leatt's rider support guy, Paul Lindsey. He lives in Colorado Springs and came up to see Josh. They have never met before, just over the phone, so it was really nice to finally meet him.



Today Joe had Josh do some truck transfers in the truck I've been driving, so we will feel comfortable going places in it together. Plus, tomorrow we are going to go to a handicap accessible showroom to see different ideas on how to alter our home, with Joe and Mackenzie, and we legally cannot ride with them. So Josh has to ride with me in the truck:). Scary!


Later today, after dinner, they did a track and fields expo with a couple of Olympic coaches. They showed a bunch of us the different events that take place there. They had 2 different race chairs, javelin, shot put and discus. So, Josh got in one of the race chairs and raced this kid, Aaron, who has the same injury as him. He has been racing them for the past few years. Funny thing, he is friends with Paul Lindsey and he was just telling us about him yesterday! Small world. Josh tried all the events, but liked the race chair the most. The coaches are stoked and are really encouraging him to hook up with a Paralympic coach from Las Vegas. So don't be surprised if you see him racing around town in a race chair! Haha!


Josh's new friend, Aaron Hill.
I hate how my camera takes action shots blurry...


I did shot and discus in H.S., and actually held the school record in discus until my little sister, daisie, beat it>:(. Haha. I was really tempted to see if I still had it, but Josh discouraged me against it. What the? ;)
Today we went to Accessible Systems with Joe, Mackenzie and our family services girl, Alex. They had a couple of different ideas of how to make our bathroom more wheelchair friendly and still very cool! I'm really excited now! One of my stresses was making all these major changes and losing value of our home. We are surprisingly not upside down in it and would like to keep it that way. Never know if we will ever have to sell it.
This shower is exactly the same size as ours. Pretty awesome!
This shower handle is the bomb!
These cabinet doors slide in like entertainment center doors. Awesome huh?!
This is a 'touch' faucet! Oh yeah!
So, next week when I go home for Mother's Day, I can show Codey and Nathan what we are thinking and then they will get it all divvied out to those who have volunteered to help us and get it accomplished before we get home. We are so dang blessed!
Josh's sister Wendy, and her hubby, Brandon drove all the way from SLC, Utah to stay the weekend with us. :D. She's planned a spa morning for me n her! I'm so stoked! I am in serious need of some TLC!
Also, our nephew, Brodey, got his mission call today! He is totally going to North Denver Colorado! Crazy huh? So I guess we better start getting these wonderful people ready for him ;). We are so excited for him! Jaxyn won the closest guess. He guessed Salt Lake City. Haha!
MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU! Haha! Happy Star Wars Day! ;).
So, Wendy took me to this spa in Centennial. I had an awesome, hour-long massage. Then we both had pedicures! She kind of got shorted her full hour pedi because ANOTHER Wendy Butler had made an appointment that day also! Originally the other Wendy was at 2, but when she called to confirm her appt, they saw my Wendy at 10:30, and told her 10:30. So she didn't argue, and showed up at 10:30. Since the lady knew her, cuz she is a regular, she got in the spot before my Wendy. Haha. So, long story short, it took 30 min to realize what had happened, so my Wendy was squoze in, thankfully. But it was absolutely WONDERFUL and I am so thankful for Wendy thinking of me and taking care of me :). I have the best family EVER!!! Then after lunch, we all went to the movie and saw Iron Man 3. That was Josh's first time going to the movie in over 2 months! Which is huge, when we go 1-2 times a month. In fact, Jaxyn asked Shiley the other day when she was going to babysit him again. She is my normal babysitter for when we go out on our weekly dates. So Max n Sandy went out Friday so my son could have Shiley babysit him. Haha! Thanks Shy! We had a great time and loved the movie. Everything took a little longer than it used to, but with practice, it'll get better and faster so Josh won't feel like a pain in the butt. It was just so nice to get out. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. We watched The Impossible and supercross. It was a very very good day! :)
Happy Cinco De Mayo! I'm so festive! ;D
I went to church with Wendy n Brandon this morning. Josh stayed home since they were taking his catheter out, and needed to monitor his bladder in preparation for self cathing. FUN! ;) It was fast and testimony today, so it was really good to hear some of these wonderful people's testimonies. The spirit was so strong and knew I needed to bare my testimony and introduce myself since I was going to be coming to this ward for the next month. So I did. And of course, afterwards, tons of people came up and welcomed me and asked if they could do anything at all. They shared some personal experiences with me and gave me some really good words of incouragement. Later today, some priesthood leaders brang Josh the sacrement and another man brang us some freaking awesome homemade rolls! I so miss homemade food and desserts. The first thing I'm doing the Friday morning I am home, is make some chocolate chip cookies! Store bought sucks!
Well, when we got back from church, we were surprised by a visit from our good friends Mark Holz and Scott Kiger. They were on their way home from Vegas. They won the Silver State 300 with the help of our nephew Brodey ;), then they all went to supercross in a excursion limo! Brodey was on cloud nine!....even though he should have been at prom....? They visited with us for a couple of hours, then headed on the rest of their way home. Scott left us a very generous check to give to the foundation. Words cannot express....we are just absolutely speechless. We will be forever indebted to him. :'). We are so very thankful for EVERYONE'S donations, big or small. It has lightened our load. We are incredibly blessed!
Well, we started the week off really good! Josh is a little sore from Friday, but I know he loves it. One thing he got to do for the first time, was pool therapy. It was a great workout and he really enjoyed it. So much he was whining about getting out. It was like trying to get my kids out of the pool! Haha.

He actually got a couple of good workouts today in P.T. and O.T. Since pool therapy was going to be the same time as fit class, Joe had him do his fit class workout with him. He was hurting after that. Then for O.T, Josh had that same girl who is very "hands on", lol, and she had him kneel up, do push-ups and kneel down. It is crazy how hard those moves are without your core muscles. Those were all new moves for him and he did very well with them. His balance and strength is getting better and better every day.

No's not what it looks like? ;)
I think Josh is enjoying this way too much! Haha!
Passing off his 2X backward, uphill, wheelie in wheelchair class.

So, in our education class today, we both learned that when we get home, I am not to be just a caregiver. I have to do the things I did before, or it'll lead to depression. So that made me happy for Josh to hear that I should still play volleyball and do all the fun things I used to do....and still be a mom and a homemaker....which I actually have been missing so much! I kind of miss doing the dishes and sweeping and laundry....well, lets not go too far. Haha! ;).

So, one of the wonderful things they have here is, doggie visits if you want them. So we got visited by this sweet, 11 yr old Newfoundland dog. He was so cute! That is the kind of dog we need! But he might die in Nevada with that coat. He would be perfect for Josh though! Since they are "working dogs", he could train him to get stuff for him, so I won't have to! Haha! Or pull him up really hard hills???


Well, it's been 6 weeks since his surgery, so we are praying he will get this brace off really soon! They took an X-ray on Friday, so hopefully they will feel confortable about it going off. They are very conservative and precautious around here, which is good, so we shall see. Here's to a great week! :-)


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